Bad: left studio at 1:45am
Good: got a ride home from a friend to avoid getting mugged
Bad: left keys in studio
Good: can get into building by buzzing self in
Bad: phone running low on batteries
Bad: no key to actual apartment.
Bad: Will is asleep.
Bad: nothing normal wakes Will up. Not phone calls, door knocking or shouting. Only his wife crawling into bed startles him awake or the light touch of her hand on his shoulder in the morning when his alarm is going off for the fifth time
Good: I can call a cab with remaining battery life
Good: can get keys
Good: can use cab to come back home
Bad: this is so lame
Me: putting spare apartment key back into my backpack. I don’t care if sometimes Will uses it when he goes out for runs. Every time this happens its the worst possible thing.
Bad: this is entirely my fucking fault. But I am angry at both of us.
Update: Taxi plan worked, home now. All good. Will hasn't woken up at all. Yay.

Never did find my ai files.

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Oh and it turns out

That the air conditioning guys came to check our system and clean it, and they found that ours has a leak. WHICH IS WHY THE A.C. does FUCK ALL IN HERE!!! So I’m not crazy, it really was not doing anything, and hasn’t been doing anything for probably since the first time we turned it on this summer before Will left for SF over a month ago.


I was wondering why, after a full day of being on and pumping air, it would only manage to cool it by 2 degrees in here!

They put in some more coolant and suddenly it works great and it is almost too cold in here (even though it was in the 90s today) a repair guy comes tomorrow to make sure that coolant doesn’t escape. I jut want to shoot myself thinking of all the hours I left it on while I was at work hoping it would keep the temperature at around 80º, and that energy was wasted running a broken system!

HAHAHKJDSLDHLK I WOULD NEVER HAVE KNOWN if they didn’t have a scheduled cleaning, because we haven’t used the AC so much that I know it’s capabilities. Thank goodness! And also thank goodness the landlords pick up the bill on this one, since it was definitely not our fault. D: